Friday, November 17, 2006

You Seem Happy

"You Seem Happy."

Well, yes, I am happy in the immediate because I went to a hockey game tonight and the game was fun and the ride home was fun - sufficiently loud and rambunctious, but not obnoxious. But other than that, overall, I'm happy, too, because . . . I can't put my finger perfectly on it. But it's a chill situation, I think. Not too much pressure, besides the looming pressure of finals. I'm having loads of fun, meeting loads of people, things feel under control, feelings feel under control. My life is starting to feel like my own again. And, I'm not caught up in any overanalyzation. Yes is good, and No wouldn't be the end of the world. So right now, yes, I am happy. And tomorrow is Friday. I am scheduled to be found at the bar across the street at 6pm.

So in celebration, a photo from my trip this summer to Chicago. This is Millennium Park. I had to scan the photo in, which explains some of the fuzziness.

Oh, and the wind is blowing viciously. It's deliciously autumnal. (Although really it's summer-like -- 70 degrees and flip-flops today!) I wish I could snuggle down in bed under my covers. But I did that earlier tonight for two hours - because I went to a bloodletting and it really took it out of me! I felt drunk afterwards. Anyway, I ramble. So "Publish Post" I shall click.

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