Wednesday, September 29, 2004

i am cool

1. i had yellow galoshes in college and that was over five years ago. remember that when you see all the kids walking around in their galoshes, thinking they're all cool.

2. i saw a girl wearing a giant green wool hat and green mittens. that girl is gonna have the shock of her life in february.

3. i bought an 8-pack of paper towels at target the last time we went and i realized the other day, when i had a chance to finally use one of those rolls, that i picked a pack of inspirational ones. you know, like may peace be with you and god is good or something like that. now, i'm not against god. it's just that these things make me feel like laura bush. and i would kill myself if i was married to w.
(in response, my friend replied: And don't you feel sorta bad using your inspirational
paper towels to, oh, I don't know, mop up grease spills or clean up smashed bug guts?)

4. i got cold-called for the first real time in contracts today. and i was sooooo nervous! it was like as soon as he called my name the adrenaline kicked in. and lately, i've been having a hard time understanding class. something to do with offers. i just don't really get it.
hurricane jeanne
it is a dreary, rainy, hurricane depressiony kind of day, and pictures like this evoke an especially strong sense of insignificance in me. but it's tempered by a sense of awe that this gloriously beautiful universe and human life exist at all.

maybe this is just the scientist in me rueing the day i decided to go to law school.


Monday, September 27, 2004

what i heard on npr this morning
npr had a story this morning about how women voters, who tend to vote democrat, are starting to vote for bush because they were especially struck by the violence in Russia, in the school, and think Bush can make us safer. "I have children and grandchildren all over the country and I want them to be safe." Or something to that effect, the woman said.

Do I have poor maternal instincts because I want to vote Democrat? Will I be a horrible mother because I don't care about my future children's safety? WELL MAYBE IT'S BECAUSE I WANT TO GIVE MY OFFSPRING A COUNTRY THEY CAN BE PROUD OF, IN WHICH THEY CAN SPEAK THEIR MINDS AND LIVE WITHOUT WORRYING ABOUT BEING PERSECUTED IF I, !!GASP!!, MARRY SOMEONE WITH A MUSLIM/MIDDLE-EASTERN SOUNDING SURNAME?!??!?!!?!!! I'm sorry if I don't want a president who's going to spoon feed us sugar and consumerism to make us feel like we're safe while he's shipping our soldiers off to another country to get killed for a war we shouldn't have gotten into in the first place!! sure, he can use his national guard "record" to claim he served his country, and he can use battleships as grounds for presidential grandstanding, but what the fuck does he really know about combat? i sure as hell know nothing, and i admit it.

all i know is that every time i am moved by pictures of families being reunited with their relatives who served/are serving in iraq. all i know is that there aren't enough of them.


Sunday, September 26, 2004

if it's civic duty, it works
some friends and i took the bus home from cambridge last weekend and the bus driver totally ripped us off! we should have been able to catch a regular bus but it never came and this guy comes along and pretends it's a night owl bus, which is 60cents more expensive. but the driver charged us $2!! and he was quite rude to some passengers. we were so enraged we penned a collective e-complaint to the mbta and they responded within two days and said they were turning the matter over to the mbta police to investigate. we had to provide a description of the driver. it was kind of scary, the repercussions of our venting, but justice is justice. and, if you will, this is also like what happened when america was apathetic and stupid -- we ended up with an idiot as president. we must take action, and then accept the repercussions of our actions or inactions. GRR.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

embarassing law moment #3
tonight, my facult advisor had us over for dessert. they live in this huge house in brookline that has to be worth millions. my advisor and his wife are older, sort of crunchy, definitely democrats, and really cool. i even showed up half an hour early because i was confused about the start time. anyways, i had to leave early because i had more dessert to eat with other people and i stood up and said, professor, thank you but i have to go. and he jokes, oh so you eat my dessert and run? and i said, yeah, we should do it again sometime! and he was like, oh yeah, we can... and then i was embarassed because i thought he thought i was inviting us over. and then i wanted to explain myself so i thought i'd use sarcasm. "yeah, i'm just going to start inviting myself over to your house." there was an awkard pause ... a moment during which he considered whether i was joking ... a moment during which i realized i had inserted my foot further down my gullet... ahh, law school is off to an auspicious beginning!

Thursday, September 16, 2004


Tuesday, September 14, 2004

T. I hate the T. It is a slow, inefficient way to get around town. Actually, when it runs well, it runs really well. But when the undergrads are here, it's crowded and slow. Above ground, where there aren't turnstiles, you have to pay only when going in-bound towards downtown, which is the direction I live. Only the front door of each car opens, because that's where the driver monitors that every person pays. Well, if you enter through the front, you tend to stay in the front, and the rear tends to be empty. So if the front is crowded, the driver sometimes won't let you on because there seems to be no room. But inevitably, the rear is empty and no matter how much the driver reprimands the passengers to move to the back, everyone looks around like he or she is excluded from that request. I was turned away from a T yesterday that was nearly empty and it took me 45 minutes to get home. That ain't right!

This city will never be like NY. In NY, they just pack the people on. Of course, this means I've also been more intimate with strangers on the subway than I have with guys I've dated. (Have I dated? I guess that's irrelevant to this rant.) Maybe this city doesn't want to be like NY, but my point is that it never COULD be.

In other news, did you know that the US has a cricket team and it played Australia at the Rose Bowl the other day? here is a story from the BBC as proof. Umm...Didn't we have the revolutionary war so we wouldn't have to play cricket and have tea as our national beverage and pretty much just disavow all things British? Is it any surprise then that the US team is getting whomped by everyone? And are American cricket players failed MLB players? who knows. I don't have time to investigate. I have to study.

Sunday, September 12, 2004

t.v. junkie
i miss the csi marathon.

Friday, September 10, 2004

end of week 2. friday never looked so good. it's not that the homework is so hard. it's just i dedicate a lot of time to school whereas i'd rather dedicate it to, say, watching CSI. Spike TV is having a Best Of marathon all week. ALL WEEK! Everytime I turn on the tv, CSI is on. I don't think it's a best of marathon; it's an ALL OF marathon. Not that I'm complaining. So law school isn't that bad. It's just an adjustment from my previous life of working four hours a day and weekends. Things that freak me out: talking in class (still haven't really been called on yet) and the forced curve. I hate curves. I hate competing with my classmates.

and boston is truly truly overrun with undergrads. they are everywhere, like a bad rash (or poison ivy!). and to make things worse, sometimes i take the T with schoolkids. THEY ARE SO LOUD, louder than the undergrads, and to some extent less annoying.

last weekend i locked myself out of my apartment. i was kinda tired and grabbed my car keys and when i went to close the door, i realized, oops, i can't drive my door. it cost mer $109 to get the door opened. then yesterday, i wanted to come home before my writing seminar in the evening. when i got off the T at my stop, i realized that my keys were back in my locker at school. and the day before that, after my swim class, i went back to the law building to realize that i had left my add/drop form and my nalgene bottle back in the locker room.

moral of the story: thank goodness i have an unlimited t pass!

Thursday, September 02, 2004

dumb law school moment #2
man o man ... today, i raised my hand, opened my mouth, and out came gibberish, i thought the class was collectively making a mental note about the dumb asian girl in the back and the professor was so embarassed for me he quickly moved to the next person without even barely acknowledging the words i had uttered.

yesterday, i COMPLETELY misunderstood a case. so far as to get the court's decision wrong, which is probably the easiest part of briefing a case. thankfully i didn't make any mistakes out loud.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

no time!
i'm already drowning in law school homework!!!! AUGH! but the thing that's bugging me to tears is poison ivy. it's EVERYWHERE on me. it's not like disgusting to look at but it itches like MAD. OH I JUST WANT TO SCRATCH ALL MY SKIN OFF!!!!! AUGH HELP ME!