Monday, July 21, 2003

so what will i do with this godforsaken blog that has wreaked so much havoc and grief? i think i will turn it into my travel blog. for in the morning, i am heading off on a month-long road trip around the us. today just got new tires and brake rotors for my car and spent as much money as i did buying an entire car in new zealand.

on the road again ... broke, but on the road again ...

Friday, July 11, 2003

wow life sucks right now. i've lost nearly all my friends in new zealand in one fell swoop. i crashed the camp van and it caught on fire, though thankfully no one was hurt. and i missed a court hearing that i didn't know i had and for a few days i was a fugitive. there was a warrant out for my arrest and my dad had to go post bail!!! i've been working at camp and couldn't go to the hearing anyways, but that was a shocker of a phone call to get from my parents.

my life sucks right now. please forgive me!