Tuesday, November 21, 2006



The day started with me waking up late, 30 minutes before my meeting. So I spent the day unclean. Then I went to the student health center for an . . . uncomfortable regular checkup. When things like that happen, I usually like to be complimented and have drinks bought for me, but she was a nurse practitioner so it was straight to business. Then I took my prescriptions back to the CVS by school, but that CVS didn't have a pharmacy, so I had to walk back to the CVS by the student health center. I go inside and get in line and find that I have lost my scrips. Instead of tracing my steps, I go across the street and wait 30 minutes to get copies of my scrips, only to be helped by a somewhat nasty NP who was upset that I wanted to see the other one, the one who already violated me. "I'm sorry, it wasn't personal, I just wasn't sure if I had to see the same one again." But she gave me a refill on one of my scrips, and frankly, I can't complain. Then it was back to school for a few hours of homework (and MySpace surveys), and then to the gym. 15 minutes into my workout, I get an enormous, awful cramp in my left calf, nearly drown, and no one bats an eye. One day, when there's a real emergency and I can't self-rescue, I'm going to drown, all while some 18 year old lifeguard is twirling her hair. Anyway, it was a crappy workout. Short, really.

And through all this, I've been perseverating. And what I've concluded is this: BOYS! PLEASE DO NOT VOMIT YOUR DEEPEST DARKEST BAGGAGE OR FREAK OUT ON ME WITHIN TWO WEEKS OF GETTING TOGETHER WITH ME, IN WHATEVER FORM. I mean, telling me about your ex-girlfriends who ripped out your heart and ate it in front of you while ripping off your 'nads, well, I don't need to know. PLEASE! *I* am supposed to be the crazy one here, NOT YOU! Unless you're telling me and then following it up with, "So, the truth is I want . . . ." Because when you just throw that shit out there, well, I don't know what to do with it. Yeesh.

Here I am at home. I am halfway through a bottle of wine and I had a burrito and it was tasty and I've got a baked good in my kitchen, although it's kinda messed up, but it's there and it's sweet. So, things are looking up. :-D

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