Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Jon & Kate Plus 8

When I first happened to watch this show a few years ago, I quickly turned it off. Kate was a bitch, and the kids were so young at the time that it wasn't that interesting to watch babies getting fed and changed and taking naps. I happened to catch the show again a few months ago and the sextuplets are now about 4 years old and they have personalities and they talk. And they are downright ADORABLE. Kate, however, is still a bitch. And I think she treats her husband awfully, but I guess it works for them, and he snaps back, too.

So I started getting obsessed a little with the show and did a google search and came across this blog, written by Aunt Jodi's sister. Yes, I had thought it was weird that Aunt Jodi, who is Kate's sister-in-law, wasn't around anymore. Turns out, the production company offered to pay Aunt Jodi some money, but Kate didn't allow them, stating that no one could profit off her kids. The hitch is that Kate didn't allow anyone to tell Aunt Jodi about this. A few seasons later, the production company approached Aunt Jodi directly and offered money. She then found out about the prior offer, and again Kate asserted that no one could profit off her kids (except herself and Jon). And so Jodi's off the show.

I have decided to boycott the show. First of all, have I made it clear? Kate is a bitch and she's difficult to watch. I feel bad for the kids. She yells at them FOR BEING KIDS. Hey, Kate, kids are meant to get dirty. They will never again in their lives have so much fun and care so little about getting dirty, even if you weren't in their lives. Second, what a hypocrite!! I mean, all of a sudden Jon and Kate are rolling in money, getting plastic surgery and other cosmetic procedures done, taking vacations to Hawaii and the Outer Banks. Umm, where is this money coming from? Why not spread the wealth a little bit, spread the blessing. But no. Third, Kate's a bitch and she's hard to watch. She has a personal chef and people who do her laundry, and she bitches and moans about all the work. Fourth, it's a little scary. How do the cameras not affect the kids? Maddie, I'm sorry, she's a child, but she's spoiled and snarky and totally acts up for the cameras. Eew. Also, have I mentioned, Kate's a real bitch. And Jon ain't no wonder either.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

I Think About You in the Summertime, and All the Good Times We Had, Baby

OK, first of all, those are lyrics from the first single of the new NKOTB album, Summertime. Suck it up. (Whoo, concert on Sept. 26!!)

Anyway, this fall weather is getting me sentimental for the summer. Not the hot, sticky, sweat-dripping-down-your-legs, suffocating-from-scent-of-hot-urine-in-the-subway-stations summer. But the it's-ok-to-skedaddle-from-work-at-2-to-beat-the-traffic-to-the-Cape summer. Not that I really went to the Cape that often. Just once. But I did go to Bar Harbor, West Palm Beach, the Outer Banks, the White Mountains of New Hampshire, NYC, and Montana. Not to mention a few trips down to Jersey, and a 100-mile bike ride across the Garden State. I think that covers it.

So I guess even though I'm no longer basking in the post-bar exam glow (and nightmares) by skedaddling myself all around the globe, I've had a pretty damn good summer.

I think it's time to hunker down this fall, stay in town, and drink lots of beer and eat lots of wings so that I can get some extra padding to keep me warm through the long New England winter.

Oh, wait, no. There's this thing called "winter camping" I'm supposed to discover. What the hell? How do you build a fire and roast s'mores in 14-feet of snow?!?!!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

I Don't Like Republicans. Or At Least, Republican Values.

I, like many people, watched Sarah Palin's speech last night at the RNC. I also caught part of Giuliani's speech. During both, I was shocked and disturbed by the crowd chanting "Drill, baby, drill," referring to drilling in ANWR. To me, this is disgusting. To me, this is Republican inability to see two sides of the issue. To me, this is mob mentality, the same kind of mob mentality that creates groups of people who watch someone get beaten up without stepping in, the same mob mentality that would stone a pedophile. It's sickening. OK, the environment is not a human life, but then again, human lives are more fleeting than the natural world.

Look, I like cars as much as the next person. And I understand that we need oil until we can come up with a viable alternative. But to be so cavalier as to chant during the convention like that. Ugh.

The less shocking but equally disturbing thing I, as many have, observed, is this Republic hypocrisy. If Chelsea Clinton got knocked up, now, much less at 17, oh boy would the Republicans be having a field day. And in Palin's speech, I also observed the Republican tendency to point fingers, to sling mud, to twist the truth. No, Obama did not serve his country by joining the military. But then again, he was born and raised in an age when it was not as expected, nor was it as urgent. But that didn't stop him from serving the people. Sure, it was the people of Chicago, but they are part of humanity nonetheless. I don't think that should be discounted, just because he didn't grab a gun and go shoot Communists in Vietnam. And in Obama's speech, he also made a promise to cut taxes. Increased government spending? Hello, have you looked at the size of the deficit Bush is spending? Winning the war in Iraq? What about funneling some of that money to help the "working Americans" you were so busy touting up on that stage. So F you. And anyone who got caught up in that is an idiot. I don't like Republicans. There, I said it.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008


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