Friday, October 29, 2004

whatever happened to customer service?
i just called to activate a credit card and i swear the guy was either talking into the wrong end of the phone or out of the wrong end of his body. i could only understand every other word he said. like the rest of the words didn't come out of his throat. i think he's in the wrong profession. and then he wouldn't stop trying to sell me stuff, and maybe it wouldn't be so bad, but since (SINCE) I couldn't udnerstnad him, i was getting really annoyed because i was afriad i was going to end up buying life insurance i didn't want.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

I WANT A CAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
but do i have to wait until 2007?!?!?!!

i'm excited because i'm allergic to cats and now (in 2007) be like every other single woman who lives in the city and get my companionship in a feline way. :)
i'm feeling sort of blue. have been all week. it kicked in sometime this past weekend when i realized that my life was being consumed by something that is kind of unpleasant right now. (yes, law school.) if kerry doesn't win, i may have to go on prozac.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

hordes of europeans can't be wrong
did you hear about the british paper (the guardian) who started a campaign to match brits with undecided voters in a county in ohio. the brits were asked to write letters compelling the voters to vote, though not necessarily for either candidate. americans may be compelled to say butt out. but i argue this: europeans are generally better informed about american politics than the average fox-watching american. and what do we send to the guardian in reply? threats! we are so sophisticated...

Sunday, October 17, 2004

the tower of power
"so are we near your law school?"
"yeah. you gotta see it. it's the ugliest building in the world."
"you haven't been to moscow. you should see those."
"actually, it looks just like a communist era apartment building without the balconies and laundry...there it is."
"you're right. it is ugly!"

Monday, October 11, 2004

first in october
i can't believe this is my first post all month. i think about posting things but then by the time i sit down at the computer, i've forgotten what i wanted to say. but tonight, i come here in pain. i had NO idea that i was allergic to cantaloupe! well, i'm not certain that i am, but three or four times in a row, now, when i've eaten cantaloupe, my stomach has hurt a lot. sour is the word i'd like to use. i thought maybe it's an acidic thing but my friend says that orange juice is far more acidic, so he suggested that i'm allergic. ouch! i'm in quite a lot of discomfort right now. i don't ever remember having this type of reaction before.

this weekend i went apple picking in new hampshire. it was quite fun! made me feel one with the earth. and we decided to go north so we could see the leaves changing color. it's finally dawned on me that autumn is here. before this weekend, i was still waiting for that warm, nearly-80 degree day. no way, honey, no more of those until may! or june. or july.