Thursday, September 28, 2006

Good Clean Fun

Good Clean Fun

The thing about laughing is it's cheap and you can do it anywhere. So when you're so busy with work and don't have time to go anywhere or do anything exciting, sharing a simple meal with someone who makes you laugh the whole time, well, it's better than driving 2 hours to go to an amusement park, paying too much money to get in, waiting in line for an hour just to be jostled around for a minute. And then paying too much money for food, and ... ok, I'm not going to carry this metaphor too far. But laughter, so good for the spirit, so good for the chemistry, and burns calories, too!

Sunday, September 24, 2006



Since school started, I do not think that I've had three healthy square meals on a single day. I usually have one meal (dinner), and maybe a glass of OJ in the morning. On some days I may have a bagel in the middle of the day. Generally speaking, however, I am probably not consuming nearly enough calories. More importantly, I don't think I'm consuming the proper nutrients. This is due mostly to the fact that I'm still getting used to my schedule and change always throws me for a loop. I get nervous, I can't eat, etc.

Anyway, not consuming enough calories is really not a problem b/c I haven't keeled over in my PE classes and my pants all fit me really well. I'm concerned, however, that I'm not getting enough nutrients and as a result I am literally covered head-to-toe in bruises. And somehow, last week, I acquired this bruise that covers the back of my thigh:

There are a few theories as to what's wrong. I could be anemic. This could be solved by eating spinach. Oh wait, no, because then I'll get e. coli. It could also be a platelet issue, although anemia and platelets could be related, for all I freaking know.

I had platelet issues in 7th grade, which started when I decided to be a vegetarian. I gave up all meat cold turkey. In my house, this meant I was eating a lot of white rice and kimchi. After several months, I started getting nosebleeds just from rubbing nose, practically. The nosebleed would take so long to stop that I would miss classes. Then I'd have to go home and change clothes because I was covered in blood. Also, I would bump into the edge of my bed and develop a bruise the size of a cantaloupe. I also played third base in softball and balls would hit my shins all the time, so I was basically purple all over. And you know what happened then? The school suspected I was being abused, dragged my parents into school, and made me go to the doctor to get checked out. And as it turned out, my platelet count was a fraction of a normal persons. It took me about six months or so of drinking some nasty herbal concoction, and reintroducing chicken and seafood back into my diet, before I was normal again.

Whatever is happening, I'm not going to let it get out of control. I resolve to eat better, to take my vitamins every day, and not to play third base. The team captain has already said I'm good to play second base.

[Insert dirty sex reference here.]

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I Don't Know Why I Do the Things I Do

I Don't Know Why I Do the Things I Do

A series of unfortunate circumstances and decisions that were better in theory than in practice found me talking to this guy (let’s call him Dale, because that was his name), at a bar near Fanueil Hall. There also happened to be some Fox News Orgy going on at a neighboring bar. A giant tractor trailer with 10-foot tall images of Fox News anchors and personalities plastered to the side. A Hummer, the “Fox News Fan Patrol,” with logos all over it. Twenty-foot tall Fox News banners hung between the columns of Quincy Market, along with, of course, an American flag. Inside the venue, I saw Fox News throw pillows. This only added to my discomfort as Dale and I engaged in one of the most irritating conversations I have ever had in my life.

He shared with me the questions he likes to ask when he meets a woman. “If there were a nuclear holocaust, which three books would you want to survive?” “Describe the relationship between your parents?” Not that he was asking me for answers, but we never got past this one because this is where the debate began. He likes to ask these questions to women basically to determine if they are suitable partners, because he believes that the type of relationship one’s parents have is the type of relationship one will have with one’s partner.

Let’s get this straight again – I had no interest in him and in another universe I would have used my raygun and evaporated the sucker on the spot. But he got me riled up. I hated the presumptuousness of thinking that three little questions, straight out of the freaking Book of Questions nonetheless, could make him decide on the spot whether someone was worth knowing and dating. Where’s the quality of interaction? Where’s the ability to hold an interesting conversation? Where’s the notion that people can change and break out of their pasts? I do not doubt that one’s past affects one’s present. Duh. But not to give people a chance to show that they have changed, that they can change, well, that’s annoying. And not to want to help someone change, well, isn’t that life and partnership? It all just seems incredibly closed-minded, which has greater implications for society as a whole, because as I’ve already established, from the get-go, I really wanted to walk way from Dale. Especially when he pulled the whole, “Oh, you’re going to be a lawyer, you should learn about social psychology.”

But why did I stay and try to engage in a debate with him? Because I wanted to change his mind. People who are wrong and stupid, I want to spend time talking with them. I can’t walk away, but when I finally do, I usually find that I’m angry, frustrated, and feel like I’ve just escaped prison. So no, I don’t know why I do it.

The only other group of people I really want to spend time with, and, like, a lot of time, is people I’ve just met who make me laugh a lot and are really interesting. It’s almost unhealthy how much time I want to spend with them, getting to know them better, right away, because I’m impatient. But I’m a law student and in addition to my legal studies, I apparently have to brush up on some psychology.

Someone still needs to invent an internet breathalyzer

The Internet Breathalyzer

Someone still needs to invent it. You know, so we don't go on the interweb when we're drunk. If the breathalzyer could measure blueness, that would be great, too.

I'm on the E-board of my journal, and we're in the middle of this massive, gargantuan, tedious source coordination. The 2L's assignments are due on Friday and I'm starting to feel like a bad, bad editor. It's probably b/c I'm tired and kinda grumpy. It's probably also because there's a wee complication. It's probably also because I sent out a lot of emails. And the process was not laid out to the 2Ls with the most detail, so I feel like I keep adding work they're not expecting, but which they're supposed to be doing. And the process is different than what we did last year, so that sucks as well.

I should not be able to be on my computer when I'm drunk and / or blue. The former makes me promise 14 students I'm going to take them out for beers. The latter makes me obsess.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006



Sat night = no sleep due to an after party at my apartment and a (relatively) early softball game.

Sun night = I made it to 10pm before my brain crapped out. I woke up at 5am on Monday morning, wide awake, so I got up and did homework.

Mon night = my brain crapped out at midnight so I went to bed. And how long did my brain stay asleep before it was jolted awake b/c it's full of a million thoughts and to do lists? Well, the time stamp on this post will be about 2:15 am and I've been awake for about half an hour.

I feel old. I used to be able to sleep through nuclear holocaust. Alas.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Is It Possible?

Is It Possible?

Is it possible to hit it off with someone so quickly? I have a friend who ran into an old crush of hers on the sidewalk in front of a bar and within moments were making out and are now getting married.

Is it possible to find a person who makes you laugh that much and finds pleasure in making you laugh? I have not laughed and giggled that much in a long time.

Is it possible to find someone who will discuss with you how to average out the ranking of a restaurant that was voted best burger in 2006 yet sells itself as the 2nd best place in the world to pig out? We suggest that pigging out on burgers may make the restaurant the best place in the world to pig out.

Is it possible? I hope so.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Don't Eat Your Spinach

Don't Eat Your Spinach

Have you heard about the outbreak of E. Coli that may be linked to packages of packaged pre-washed spinach? Today's NY Times reported that the company that produces the Earthbound Farms label may be the source, but there nothing is conclusive yet.

The Earthbound Farms label is the big business of the organic industry. (The article mentions how Earthbound Farms' parent, Natural Selections, also processes packages spinach for other brands, such as Dole.) You practically have to be big business to comply with the USDA's requirements to get "organic" slapped on your products. Those guys who come to your farmer's market probably can't afford to get through all the red tape. Thus, there has been much criticism of the label. There's also been much skepticism about the whole organic movement. I don't profess to know much about it, but I've read some pretty well-researched New Yorker articles on it. The information is out there.

All this is meant to put the following comment in perspective: it would be ironic to get e coli from organic spinach, no? (Or am I pulling an Alanis Morissette misunderstanding of irony?)

PS I'm alive. School is good. I've got senioritis. I'm having fun. I'm happy.
PPS Coincidentally, another story in the NY Times about organic products.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Fall TV!

Fall TV!

Yeah, I really did. Green = returning shows. Blue = new shoes I'm keen to try out. Light green = returning shows I may watch. Light blue = new shows I may try out. And by watch, I mean Tivo. And by try out, I mean watch an episode and if it doesn't totally move me, ditch.

The original unbastardized schedule can be found here.


Gilmore Girls and House are on at the same time. I'm hoping one is repeated during the week so I can catch both.

Grey's and Supernatural are on at the same time. If the third season sucks, I may abandon ship for Supernatural and more of Jeffrey Dean Morgan. But I doubt it will.

Last year, I wasn't able to watch Simpsons because it overlapped with another show. I'm excited to get back on it.

Yes, I am lame.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Five Years

Today, it has been five years. Five years defined by sadness, loss, anger, turmoil, injustice, confusion. Five years of fighting, discussing, talking, invading, analyzing, killing. In five years we have gone from leading a global coalition to being the global pariah. In five years, we have started to see some of greater effects of that day, which no one, not even for a minute, thought would just fade into history. The people who rushed downtown are left with lingering health problems. The people who enlisted, motivated by patriotism, are fighting a war in a country that was tenuously, if at all, linked to that day. And then there are the empty spaces in families and schools and businesses that will never ever be filled.

I know that I’m not really adding anything to the discourse. What I’ve said and felt and seen and heard, it’s all been said and felt and seen and heard by others who are wiser and more eloquent than I. It’s been said and felt and seen and heard by others who were more severely impacted than I. But I must write. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s because I can. Maybe it’s because I should, so I never forget. Maybe it’s because I must, to let out some of the pressure building inside, from all the feelings and thoughts and memories that have been bouncing around inside me since that day, five years ago.

I will never forget the disturbing beauty of seeing the rosy setting sun reflecting off the cloud that filled the sky where steel once stood. I will never forget that girl who rode her bicycle by me, sobbing. I will never forget the smell. I will never forget the fear and shock that poked at me like a million needles encasing my body as I gratefully continued living my life.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

A Few Lessons from my Sabbatical

A Few Lessons From my Sabbatical

- Tropical Fruit Halls cough drops are gross. But I've made my bed. [Update: Halls Coll Berry Fruit Breezers are not that great either.]
- It's hard to get back into the swing of things when after two days of swinging, the swing breaks.
- Even tho' my mom lives 300 miles away, the fact that she's in China makes being sick that much harder.
- Selfish people suck. It doesn't take much to ask "how are you feeling?" when you're already in a conversation. And, in any event, I'm not going to feel sorry for you if you're just trying to tug at my heart strings.
- Listening to someone ramble on and on when your head is full of snot is just as tiring as sitting through class.
- There *is* such a thing as watching too much tv. Case and point:

- 6 hours of Lost from the end of last season
- 1 episode of Campus Ladies from On Demand
- The Man Who Knew Too Much from On Demand (I love Hitchcock more every day)
- 1 episode of Dave Leiberman
- 2 episodes of Barefoot Contessa
- Ferris Bueller's Day Off from Nik
- Krakatoa special from Discovery Channel
- 1 episode of Queer Eye (the couple's weight loss episode)
- 3 episodes of The 4400
- 3 episodes of The Dead Zone
- 1/5 of an episode of Justice
- 4 episodes of Gilmore Girls
...and counting

I am missing rooftop drinks. My ears are too scratchy, I'm still feeling weak, and I've now developed a cough. I guess that's what happens when you drink your own snot for three days. Blech.

I am the MOST pathetic sick person in the world.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Fall TV Review: Justice

Fall TV Review: Justice

I cannot stay away from a good legal show. The key word there being "good". I Tivo'ed Justice on Fox. I just watched 20 minutes of it and the shaky camera work made me, literally, nauseous. And nausea was not one of the symptoms of this illness that has kept me in bed all day so that I can do things like watch TV all day.

Anyway, the show sucks. It's trying to glamorize the legal profession like Grey's has glamorized the medical profession. But first of all, there's a lot less sex on this show (so far). And second of all, a lawyer can only be so complex, especially defense lawyers. There's the hot woman who hides a geeky past - she's just so much more than a pretty face. The cute young attorney who has to believe his clients are innocent to work for them - he's just so much more than a pretty face. The token black man. And the head attorney - an older father-figure, but cut-throat.

Cliche upon cliche upon cliche.

And would four head attorneys really ALL be working on one case - FOR FREE?! Puh-lease!

Two thumbs down. And a pile of dirty, snotty tissues to boot.



Remember when I was feeling sick the other day and I thought it was because I had accepted my offer? As it turns out, I really am sick. My brain is melting and oozing out my nose. And last night, while trying to do homework, I dripped snot all over my book. Umm, good thing I'm not dropping that class. How would I return that book?!

I'm taking the day off and watching a lot of tv. I was about to get in the shower but just checking my email and writing this post has taken it out of me.


Thursday, September 07, 2006

Pictures from My Summer Vacation

What I Did on my Summer Vacation

So my old digital camera was stolen from my bag on the way to Chicago. So I got a new and better one! I've been on a bit of a picture-taking kick, inspired by Flickr and some web-friends who take the most lovely photos. I aspire. Here are some photos from my month of traveling:

A Souvenir

Cheeto Tongue


Grownup Cocktails at the W Montreal



Making the Most of a Cloudy Day

A Bird's Nest at Knee Height



I Hate my Feet

N is for Neville who Died of Ennui



You can find me at Flickr. Umm, you'll either have to ask me or figure it out.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006



Stop the presses! This just in! Are the kids in bed? OK, then you can watch it. This is dirty.

It's almost like they're saying Chinese women need practice fucking. I've heard that the contraption is available in the States, too. At Brookstone's, so I've been told. Oh man.

I feel sick

I Feel Sick

I think I'm coming down with something. I think school wears me out much more than it used to. Or maybe it's that I just accepted the offer (!!!) and will officially be here after graduation. I was excited when I set off home to do make the call, but thinking about it more, I got nervous. I'm not sure how I feel now. I feel woozy, but maybe it's just b/c my blood sugar is kind of low. Off to have some ginger snaps!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

My Labor Day Weekend in Numbers

My Labor Day Weekend in Numbers

1 van
2 chicks
9 fabulous gay men
7 hours of driving
1 batch of brownies and more junk food than you can shake a stick at
300+ miles driven
1 nap taken
1 bar that turned us away because women weren't allowed
1 bar with a roof deck hot tub but slightly weird music

1 Mount Royal climbed
1 "smoked meet" restaurant dined at
1 cousin, 1 aunt and 1 uncle (mine!) randomly run into on the street
2 mimes found
1 birthday dinner
22 diners
3 Bombay Sapphire martinis that did nothing because of some strange pour machines
5 olives in each martini
5 pips discarded because there were no cocktail olives to be found
1 bar that turned us away because women weren't allowed ("Cut off your boobs, then you can come in.)
1 sad group as a result until ...
1 fabulous dance club, Unity

1 brunch canceled because of rain
1 porn shop with about 15 giant dildo replicas of porn stars
23 pages of homework read
1 friend from work randomly run into in the coffee shop
8 pizzas
1 strip club
4 lap dances that happened in booths near us (but not to anyone in my party)
1 booth that went a-rockin'
22 grossed out strip club patrons

11:30am pickup
28 dollars Canadian reimbursed at border
2 bottles of liquor bought for the cheap at the duty free shop
1 bottle of Canadian maple syrup, same
2 passengers without passports but who still made it through customs (whew)
5 bags of chips consumed
1 bag of Oreos consumed
1 stop at Burger King
7:30pm arrival at home

And so:
1 new friend, whom I could truly love if he loved women (sigh)
5 acquaintances solidified into friendships
138 pictures taken to be posted at a later date because...
20 pages behind in reading, already

Sunday, September 03, 2006

B/C I can

Because I Can

Greetings, Friends!!! I am in Montreal. Will post more when I get home, but I just wanted to document that I existed, that I am in Canadia, that I'm having a great time and that there's free wi-fi on the street where we're studying. Yes, I'm studying. But studying in a foreign country / different city is always better than studying at home.

There will be pictures and much more stories when I get home. Until then, Godspeed. :)

Friday, September 01, 2006

I'm Crazy, Not Stupid

I'm Crazy, Not Stupid

Home. I know it's my home because all my creature comforts are contained within these walls. My bed, my internet connection, my couch, my books, my underwears. Tomorrow I am leaving on my last adventure. Yeay, Montreal! There were some kinks in the plans, but I think everything will be ok. We have a place to sleep, a fun van ride, homework to do, knitting to knit. :) And then school. I am thinking of applying for a research assistant position. I kind of wanted this last year to be easy, but I really enjoy being an RA. We shall see. The professor I want to work for is wicked popular. And smart. He will probably see my resume and see straight through to my incompetence.

Camping was fun but it rained a lot. Then last night, when I got home from camping, I met up with lots of old friends. Graduate school (part the first) friends who are engaged and married and have babies. Well, *a* baby. Then I met up with TKD friends.

I feel so much love for these old friends of mine. But sometimes, I feel a complete lack of things to say. I can babble on and on and on with some people, but if I haven't seen someone in a while, it's almost like there's too much to say, so I say nothing. But it was so good to be around them. A lot of my graduate school friends have continued into the medical profession. That was an especially nice change of pace. Oh, and coq au vin is tasty.

I think I got home around 3:30 am. Meant to drive home but passed out instead. Probably for the best. Now, my last trip. Simultaneously relieved and saddened.