Thursday, July 24, 2008

Tivo Redux

Ever since I got my fancy new HD tv in November (thanks, Dad) I have let my Tivo sit unplugged. There was no point in recording shows in RD (regular def) becuase they were too grainy to watch. So I paid $12.95 extra and got the Comcast DVR. And it was ok. The interface sucked, but it kept me from shelling out $400 for an HD Tivo.

Well, when I finally got around to canceling my Tivo account, they talked me into getting an HD Tivo at a discount, with the same subscription plan I was on. And I bit.

Well, after it sat in the box for a few days after I brought it home, I finally got around to installing it. And I realized then, at 11pm at night, that the HD Tivo doesn't hook up to a cable box, but needs cable CARDS. So then I called Comcast the next day and one week later, the Comcast guy is currently sitting in my living room trying to get the EFFING thing to work. He got here very early (i.e. on time) and it's been two hours. He thinks it's a bad card. But really?! This is RIDICULOUS! Also, because he's going to take the box away, I don't get On Demand anymore. And while I hate Comcast, and the interface on its DVR (which they recently updated and is slightly less awful), On Demand was pretty freaking cool. I have passed many hours watching back episodes of N3mbers and CSI.

I think I regret my decision.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Question of the Day

Am I high maintenance because I'm annoyed that my boyfriend never buys me anything, or does that make my boyfriend a bad boyfriend?

I really mean never. oh, there was that robe he bought me after I sent him the link and said, BUY THIS FOR ME. And the beer coozie he got me from the dollar store before vacation.

So, which is it?

And while we're pondering options here, am I unhappy because I work 12 hours a day, at least, or because my relationship is unsatisfying?