Saturday, November 30, 2002

dreamy boy

last night i dreamt about this boy who a friend of mine likes. and last weekend i thought he was flirting with me. or at the very least, i had ample, perfect opportunity to flirt with him. neither of us know him very well. and i was there temporarily, a visitor among enemies. she is a friend among those enemies. and he's just hot. so i kind of flirted but restrained myself, easily passing for friendly. but last night i dreamt about him, that we were holding hands and totally on the verge of kissing. and then i turned my head, in my dream and in real life, to look at him but then i woke up and saw nothing but the blackness of my radiator and daylight filtering through my window. sigh.

Friday, November 29, 2002

oh so that's why

i just read that research indicates that kids who sleep with nightlights are more prone to nearsightedness. well no wonder. i was and still am afraid of the dark. night lights are my friends. so does this mean, though, that people who live/grow up in cities, where nightlights happen passively, are more likely to be nearsighted? hmm.