Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday

Despite being afraid of losing my job and this economic crisis that I am finally old enough and mortgaged enough to understand, and despite the insanity going on in Mumbai, I went shopping today, on the blackest Friday of the year. Here are my purchases:

Western Digital 320 GB External Hard Drive; might have to return it for one I can network, if this doesn't work that way.

Black & Decker Convection Oven from Kohl's. It was discounted even further because it was an early-bird special. Thankfully, Kohls extended their specials until 3pm!

Targus laptop fan. $9.99 from Staples. Staples had great deals. It was amazing.

I can't find a picture, but Target was selling Christmas tree ornaments - balls that were filled with candy. I got two of the tootsie roll ones for the boy's mom because she loves them. They were $1 each and we gave them to her today.

I bought a few more things but nothing important. Honestly, the sales weren't that great, and the stores weren't that crowded. Except that one Wal-Mart in Long Island, apparently, where people were so crazed they broke down doors and crushed and killed an employee. A temp employee, nonetheless, contracted to work through a temp agency, so Wal-Mart probably isn't even liable for worker's comp. That was the least shocking part of the whole story. Alas.

Not that Bad, Really.

If you know me at all - and let's face it, if you're reading this, you know me - but if you know me at all, you probably know that I have issues with my family. I don't get along with them, find them to be racist and closed-minded, insane, and not in a good way, and overbearing and the mere thought of them gives me heartburn.

You will also probably know that my romantic life is something they know very little about. Then again, I have had very little romantic life until now. I mean, I'm not exactly going to tell my parents about random hookups and what not.

Even if you don't know me, if you are reading this, you will probably understand that having dinner with the fam and with the boy tonight, all together, in one room, at the same restaurant, at the same table, sitting together, was kind of a big deal. BIG HUGE F'ING DEAL.

But look. I'm here blogging about it and haven't used any cuss words directed at anyone in particular.

It really wasn't that bad. I would even venture to say it was pretty good and even as we were parting ways, I pictured in my head doing it again. A second date, if you will.

The boy found the family to be pleasant. Granted, he hardly understood half the conversation because try as we might, it was mostly in Chinese. But there's something about him meeting my family and approving that makes me think, ok, fine, they're not that bad. They are good intentioned. They are generous. They were welcoming and it was almost as if the boy had to approve of them more than they had to approve of him. They were all this, on top of the racist, closed-minded, insanity. But it wasn't that bad.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A Sad, Sad Day

This is a picture from the LA Times of people cheering Prop 8 results. The picture does not indicate which results they were cheering, but given the results, I'm going to guess that these people are closed-minded, bigoted, fear- and hate-mongering, hypocritical, awful people who purport to believe in the same God as I, but are horribly, horribly wrong about that God.

My BFF and his HUSBAND are no longer married. Overnight. Like that. Taken away by these people who have no right to do such things. Taken away by miserable people whose own lives are probably unhappy so they must rain misery down on others.

If it were a certain time and if I were a certain type of person, i.e. more like them, I'd hunt these people down and kill them. That's how awful this is. I'd be happy with the ability to slap a few Californians upside the head right now. Unbelievable.


Saturday, November 01, 2008


Three hundred sixty four more days until next Halloween, and the next time I have to find every reason not to go out. I am officially old, but not old enough where I dress up kids and take them trick-or-treating at 2 in the afternoon. I just hate this holiday. Without kids, it just seems like it's an excuse to get dressed up like tramps and get wasted. Slutty pirate, slutty nurse, slutty soldier. Really? And I can't deal with the hangovers anymore, and the only purpose for adults in my situation is to go out and get wasted. (And let's face it, I can get on a high horse, but not a horse so high that I won't get wasted right along with everyone else.)