Thursday, May 20, 2004

new definition for scatterbrain
the merriam-webster dictionary defines scatterbrain as a giddy heedless person. that's not really me, but i feel that scatterbrain really describes how i feel. so either i'm redefining the word or i'm being an idiot and not comprehending the definition.

anyhow, my brain is just all over the place. i'm here, in nj, doing what i need to do in terms of working and socializing. my brain is in boston, too, where i keep thinking about apartment, law school, my new life. thus, i'm here packing but i'm sort of freaking out because i know i'm moving out of my parents' house (again) but with summers and study abroad, i feel like there's a chance i could come back, so my brain is kind of here too, but in the future. i know, i have three more months, but i'm packing ... like winter clothes and books i know i won't read for the next three months. but my brain is also in the pacific northwest because i'm a bloomin' idiot. anywhere else? ... i just feel so fractured and focusing on too many things at once, but in a good way, i guess. there could be worse things than anticipating a trip to the northwest, moving to boston, and starting law school.

like a root canal. ick.

i learned a new word the other day, from an article i was reading. it struck me because it seems to be lacking a vowel or two: chthonic. merriam-webster defines it as of or relating to the underworld. so there you go.

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