Friday, May 07, 2004

future and ramblings
in a few short months, i will officially matriculate at _________. it is comprised of, in total, one 18-story building on the university's campus. one awful ugly building that screams of the 70s. or 60s. you know, that general architectural era. in addition, the [school's] web site is one of the ugliest sites around.

i'm not a manager. i didn't sign on to be a manager. yet again, inevitably, i've found myself in that position. it's ok. the temporary nature of it makes it bearable. and the fact that my pms is passing. it is amazing how racist people can be, though. i was told tonight that black people "always" act before they think. and that hispanics inherently can't seem to understand concepts that our inept lazy waiters do. i don't know, must be the water. god help me.

but something to cheer me up when i got home: one breezy reply later, and i've got a casual invite. "rafting or something". anyone wanna go to canada?!

i've since edited this to remove any references to my law school. not hard to figure out, but still, just to be paranoid...