Wednesday, May 12, 2004

i miss us
had a nice mini-reunion with my grad school classmates. gosh i miss them. they are all amazing. one girl is in cambodia, reporting. she's back for a wee visit. one is finishing her first year of med school, another is starting a ph.d. program in remote sensing. a few have full-time journalism jobs -- and pop sci -- and it's all just amazing. i feel like a bit of a bum compared to them, but i'm not unhappy, so it's all good. i have warm fuzzies.

but why is it some guys ... ergh! they just insist on touching and invading personal space. i was on the train back home -- to jersey hell -- and the conductor passed by me and i swear he intentionally brushed my arm. it wasn't a breezy kind of brush, it was like let me touch your arm kind of thing. and then as i was waiting to disembark, he is very friendly, hello how are you, and that's all good. but as i'm stepping off, he grabs my arm, as if trying to help, but not needing it, not wanting it, never having gotten it before. i hate being touched by men strangers.

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