Wednesday, February 26, 2003

i'm drowning
more rain today, so bad it canceled our dive b/c the guy in charge of the diving was afraid we'd catch colds. poor babies. so we were in class doing our wreck diving classroom stuff. B O R I N G. the only highlight was that my favorite instructor was back in charge. three of us took the test and i got ONE WRONG. ONE. this ruins my 100% streak. i know it's geeky, but you gotta understand that i could probably walk into any of these tests and take them cold and still pass. so i've got to have some sort of a goal.

i shared my story about the locked car with keys inside, engine running story with my instructor. and he was like, oh yeah, when i did that i had to run home and get my spare keys. and then last weekend i locked my keys in the car and had to buy something at a hardware store... this means that one: he is just as much of an airhead as i, and two: WE ARE MEANT TO BE. ;)

because of the weather, diving tomorrow has also been canceled. which sucks. which means i won't be able to gaze longingly....anyhow, this means i have nothing to do for three days. i was going to go camping, but this weather is putting a damper in those plans. so tonight, i think i'm on the piss with my classmates. ahh, when all else fails, drink. i think my liver is making its comeback.

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