Friday, June 25, 2004

on the road again
i'm in vancouver! it's kind of disappointing. the city was desolate and at times kind of creepy. and then when i crossed the border into canada from washington, one of the first things i saw was a strip mall with a pier 1 imports. i don't know why i was expecting more from our very close neighbor to the north, but something different from america, this being the commonwealth and all.

and i think today is canada day. i'm not really sure what that means but there was a lot of traffic leaving canada this afternoon and all the shops stayed open late. and i think tomorrow is a holiday. isn't it funny that on a national holiday here, the shops stay open late, whereas back home, they close early?

tomorrow i'm off to whistler. i think the nature will do me good, though it's probably going to be as commercial and depressing as vancouver is, since whistler is a chi-chi ski resort and all. oh well. here's to fresh air. i've booked a bed at the hostel but then i realized, what the fuck am i lugging my tent all around the country and then some for?

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