Saturday, June 26, 2004

in yesterday's post from vancouver, the author mistakenly identified the day as canada day. in fact, canada day is july first. there is no obvious explanation for the shops staying open late on thurdsay. the staff of aspiring expat would like to apologize for any inconveniences this error may have caused.

i'm in whistler! wow it's gorgeous! i stopped in squamish to stop for gas but otherwsie got the hell out of dodge because the world is smaller than you think. (i may still go rafting, tho, because my heart is sort of set on rafting.) whistler is amazing. just driving into town, with the mountains in the distance, and this hostel is right on alta lake, like something out of dirty dancing. i went canoeing today, it was kind of hairy but we're alive and i'm eating couscous and drinking wine. tomorrow i think i'm going to hike this rainbow lake trail, which i hear is kind of hairy too, and there are bears in the woods, so if i don't post within the next few days, please raise some alarms.

do i have to come home?

my dad just called for advice on how to use our computer system. he's so cute! do i feel bad that he has to work for me? not really, but i probably will once the buzz from the yellow tail wears off.

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