Monday, August 06, 2007

Pit Stop Blog 2

First of all, it really wasn't that bad. But it didn't start out that great. It was SO humid on Friday morning, and the T made me late to catch my bus to NY so I could catch my second bus to the beach. By the time I got to the bus station, I was at the end of a very long line that kept getting longer. And I didn't make my bus, and the next one was an hour later. The bus station was not air conditioned and my back was like a swimming pool, so the choices were throwing a temper tantrum in the bus station, or spending way more money than I needed to buy a train ticket. So I bought a train ticket. I don't even want to tell you how much it all cost, but if I kept my rental car, things would have been SOOOOO much cheaper.

The train ride was so peaceful. The people are so much more civilized and there is just so much more room. I don't know why I would ever bother with the bus. And if your schedule is flexible, the train is only $20 more than the bus.

When I got to the final bus station on the other end, the Boy informed me that he was stuck in traffic 20 miles away. He said, well, you can wait for me, or someone can come pick you up. Seeing as how he was 10 miles north of the exit we needed to go to, and I was 10 miles south, the best solution was to have someone pick me up, despite my best efforts to avoid this outcome. It ended up being his mom and grandma. I nearly had a heart attack waiting for them to get there.

But the weekend ended up being great. His family is amazing. So welcoming, so outgoing, so funny, so fun! HIs grandfather is probably my favorite. He's just got this sense of humor I love. And he's really sweet and not as garrulous and overwhelming as some of his uncles. My second favorite relative was his grandparents' dog.

So yeah, I have realized that I am most at ease with pets and young children. They don't judge. They aren't deciding if you're good enough for their son / cousin / nephew. If you pet them or if you're fun and talk to them like an adult, then they'll like you. So yeah, I hit it off with his grandparents' dog and with his youngest cousin, who's entering the 8th grade.

Also, I think things went well. As we were leaving, his mom told me, I told [the Boy] I hope I get to see you again! And she gave me a hug and a kiss. Yikes. I just nodded.

Then we came back to Boston after an excruciatingly long car ride, and we went to my friend's going away party. He was amazing. I mean, for a guy who's shy and not very outgoing when sober.

I'm going to miss him while I'm away. Hell, I already do.

I think that the bar exam shut me down emotionally. I'm not sure if I've talked about this, but I mean, during month or two before the bar exam, after the first few weeks of dating the boy, I just felt dead inside. I felt nothing for him, none of the butterflies or the nervous pangs that would wash over me. Last week, I felt a slight twitter. Then this weekend, I've been incapacitated, knees weakened by these waves of emotion. I really felt it last night when we were going to bed. We were in the attic full of beds, his uncle and his mom and his brother sharing this large room with us. But they were all asleep b/c we had gotten back late, and I was about to roll over in the dark when he was suddenly there, kissing me good night. I couldn't sleep even though I was so tired, just from the jolt of excitement. Oh my gosh. And that's that.

Next up: trip home to see the fam, then another short jaunt to the cape, then a week and half puttering around the condo and preparing for my big European vacation. I was supposed to go to China in late September with my parents, but they don't want to go there anymore b/c they're afraid of poisoned food. We were going to go to Europe, but my parents decided on Asia instead - Japan, Cambodia, Taiwan... I'm SO EXCITED! But also tired. Also, too tan.

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