Monday, April 12, 2004

my new mantra
drive right, drive right, drive right -- that is what i am chanting to myself as i drive around. i am going through that readjustment period, where driving on the right side of the road from the left side of the car becomes natural again, where my body actually follows the sun here, instead of halfway around the world.

i took a red-eye flight from la to nj. i hadn't really gotten off of nz time in la, but now i'm in nj. i've had 30 minutes of sleep in the last god knows how many hours, and in this state i must make a very important decision: WHERE I AM GOING TO LAW SCHOOL. turns out i was rejected from my top two choices, and i basically have to choose from two. either way ...


unless i decide to do something crazy, put it all on hold or throw it all away to live in a yurt in wyoming. at least there wouldn't be traffic or rude people. i am so relaxed right now, listening to other people complain makes me stressed. but back in suburban driven hell, i can feel it accumulating, the interactions with people who are needlessly, senselessly rude. alas.

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