Thursday, April 10, 2003

on the piss again
tuesday night i decided i wanted to go out for a few drinks, new york city style. it ended up being an all night affair. after going to the circus, i got totally annoyed and decided to throw caution to the wind and drink drink drink. so we drank in my car at school (totally not allowed) and then drank at the beach, and then went to my house and drank in my room. and i didn't go to sleep until 6:30amish, and woke up an hour later to go to school and go kayaking all day. i did suprisingly well, but crashed around 2pm. went home and slept at 7pm, got up at 3am for an hour, and then back to sleep and up for good at 7:15am. now, it's 6pm and i'm totally fucked. i think i'm coming down with the flu; my whole body aches, and i'm so tired. i don't even feel like eating, which is clearly a sign that something is wrong.

tomorrow is my last day of kayaking. thankfully, we are in the pool practicing rolls. i will feel SOO cool after i learn those.

my life, in typical diana fashion, two months before she leaves a place, also just got 10 times more complicated. i've obviously got a problem and should join a dramatists anonymous club or something.

and i'm so over my instructor andrew. he's also on four weeks holiday (one down three to go), which only makes things easier for me. so stop teasing me kevin.

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