Wednesday, April 30, 2003

we're almost done with the fourth to last week of our course. Dive Control Specialist. after this cert, i'll be able to work as a professional diver. whoopdeedoo. the classroom/academic stuff isn't too challenging, but i have to admit that the practical stuff i'm not too stellar with. which isn't so bad really when you consider that at the start of diving, just getting underwater made me ill. now i can actually imagine myself working as a "dive professional". so kudos to me. in other news, andrew is back teaching our class after a four-week holiday. but i'm SO over him. as you may know. oh drama. drama drama drama.

still, i'm quite ready to come home. i'm not quitting my wanderlust, but at some point, you just want the familiar, you know? and i can't freaking wait to sit down to a proper meal with my mom. god i miss her cooking. god i miss food that has taste.

in other news, my dad has been in china for a few weeks. thankfully, he's returned home with no symptoms of a flu. it was really good when i got that early morning phone call from him b/c the night before i started having an anxiety attack about him for no reason. this damn sars. that may be one of the few reasons i wouldn't want to come home. nz is a sars-free country, touch wood.

i know i still have a few stories to tell. i'll work on those.

also, b/c it's after easter, i have started to look for jobs. it's a bit slow b/c a lot of the jobs i'm looking at in nyc and stuff are available immediately and i wouldn't be able to start until the fall. but i've applied for a job here with a local paper. if it's meant to be, it's meant to be, eh? but i'm just going to apply for a lot of jobs at a lot of places.

i've also totally started to slack on my tkd training b/c i'm not going to nz nationals, i don't think. i've also started to eat a lot of sweets. i'll hate myself if i come home fatter than when i left. jeez louise.

that's all for now. love yous.

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