Friday, June 06, 2003

gratuitous update
my nipple is going through an itchy phase right now. and last night i peeled skin off of it, like the whole thing. i think that was skinn that was burned/killed when the piercing lady sprayed me with this icy-freeze stuff. yowser.

i am sick as a dog right now, and trying my damndest to dive my head off so i can get my DiveCon cert, but it looks like this cold is going to put a damper in my plans. even though my (ex) instructor, andrew, is trying his damndest to get me to 60 dives. i'm currently at 41. UGH. you're not supposed to dive if you feel unwell at all, so i've really been pushing my luck these last few weeks. because that's how long i've been unwell.

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