Tuesday, June 03, 2008

A Free Night ?

I had big plans for tonight. Skip the gym to run some errands, make some phone calls, write a long blog. But I forgot what I wanted to write about.

But I did get to make a phone call or two. One to my friend E in LA. Turns out, she's not deporting herself! She was going to take her green-card bearing Mexican boyfriend, his 14-year-old daughter, and jet off to her Singaporean homeland, his Mexican homeland, and China, to decide where they were going to settle their little international non-traditional family. She had set a date of June 30, but sometime between my last visit to LA and today, she decided not to do that. THANK GOD. Because of her indeterminate status, she would not be able to return for 10 years. Ack.

Now, instead of a whirlwind weekend to LA at the end of the month (red-eye out, red-eye back) the boy and I can plan a nice leisurely visit to LA. The boy! Yes! After weeks of constant fighting (mostly started by me) and one very long serious conversation (in which I told him that I talk to him and turn to him more than the BFF (gasp!)), I finally started to settle into our relationship. The thought of making long-distance plans no longer freaked me out. Looking into his eyes, I would feel that flutter in my stomach instead of a knot. And then last weekend, I dropped the L word. I think he was in L-territory long before I was, but he waited for me to say it. I guess. I don't know. It's not that big of a deal. I have loved him for a long time, but only recently have I fallen in love with him.

Another advantage of not having to jet off all whirlwind like to LA at the end of the month is that I'll finally get to sit on my ass in my apartment and maybe bake some bread and paint my bathroom. The boy and I have been traveling A LOT. Bar Harbor, Maine, last weekend, NJ, NH for the brother's college graduation. And then for Memorial Day weekend, the BFF and his BF came here and stayed with me. We went to Ptown for the day. It was lovely. Coming up, we have a weekend in Ptown for a friend's birthday, and then I jet off to FLA with school friends and then to NC with his paternal extended family. August I've got weddings and ... whew. I'm getting tired just thinking about it.

Oh, NC. Yeah, the diet is not going so well. On the plus side, I think I am getting in better shape and I'm not putting on weight at a precipitous rate, but I don't think I'm getting into bikini territory. And I'm ok with that. As part of my plan, i was going to run a 5K this past weekend. But then I got slammed with work and I pulled my back, and it all went to pot. My back? Yeah. I did it first a long time ago and every now and again, I do it again. Usually it's not so bad, but this time, I did it at the gym and my trainer made me stretch. Then I slept in the boy's bed which is very floppy. And for days, I was not able to stand up straight and waddled through the hallways at work like a pregnant penguin. It was not pretty. I finally went to the doctor - the first time ever for this condition - and she gave me muscle relaxants. SWEET JESUS they are amazing. I don't think they actually make my muscles relaxed. I think they just put me to sleep so I don't care.

Work. Oh work. I was told I'm not in happy territory in terms of my billable hours. I don't really care. I mean, I kind of do, because when they put a goal in front of me, I like to strive for it. But I don't care b/c, while I like the work I'm doing, generally, it's not the type of work I went to law school to do. So I decided that after my year is up, I'm going to look for a new job. Not enough to quit my job before I find one, but enough to start looking.

And that's enough for now. I passed interesting several paragraphs ago.

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