Thursday, January 10, 2008


There is this girl I hang out with. I'm pretty sure that if we didn't have mutual friends, we would never see each other. (never mind that when she housesat for me, she ran my electric bill up 4x what i normally ran it up.) My point is that a few days ago, at dinner, we were having a discussion about politics. It was a very uninformed conversation. Her opinions were paramount, and anyone who had any other opinion didn't count. ("I like Richardson." "Well, he's not going to win, so who cares about him.") So then I changed the subject. Oh, did you see the pics of Britney?? The conversation was just getting too divisive. And she, really, was being too much of a bitch.

THat's all I can squeeze out tonight. It was our firm holiday party tonight. I'm drunk.

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