Monday, March 29, 2004

rafting yesterday was awesome! i'm quite glad i got to do it, and the people were friendly, the guide was competent and nice, and not sleazy at all, as river guides are known to be. i even jumped off a 30-foot ledge! go me! of course, i would have felt horrible if i didn't; this 40-something year old lady, who'd never gone rafting much less done heaps of adrenaline type activities, went first and jumped nearly without hesitation. but ooh those nasty sandflies!

today i've taken a detour to franz josef glacier. as of late i've had a dream to stand on a glacier. i didn't think i'd get it in this time, but then with global warming, who knows if the glaciers would be here the next time I'm here. so when i showed up in greymouth and found out it was only two hours more to franz josef, off i went. and here i am. tomorrow morning is the big date. i'm so excited!

so ... let's just say, there are certain aspects of my vacations that truly define my vacations. WHY AM I SO PREDICTABLE? WHEN WILL I EVER STOP BEING A COMPLETE IDIOT? crikey.

thus with my heart mildly scathed, i am quite looking forward to coming home in 9 days.