Monday, March 15, 2004

back in the familiar place
i'm in the internet cafe in tauranga that was the center of so much poor judgment. it's weird being back here, where i feel everyone i know hates me. though that's not true because i've been able to catch up with old friends. it's like i never left. and it feels like i never will because of my damn car. it hasn't passed its warrant, or inspection, and i've had to stick around for a few days so i can fix the things that need to be fixed and then get it retested. stupid jackass who did the inspection was so picky! and then today when i went back he wouldn't see my straightaway. oh well. at least i get to check my email.

so after the car gets sorted out, i'm down to napier, art deco capital of new zealand, and hawke's bay, one of the major wine-producing regions. i'm excited to finally GO somewhere, but i'm also really homesick. well, not missing living with my parents and my endless work obligations. i just miss being around people i know. i haven't had much of that in the last several months, what with working all the time and retreating into this solitary existence. so i'm thinking the remedy might be to cut my vacation short and just visit PEOPLE. oh people, how i love people. actually, that's not true. i hate people. i love my friends.

ps i've gotten into boston university and new england school of law. i'm still waiting on my top two choices.

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