Sunday, March 02, 2003

monday mayhem
we were supposed to go diving today, but again, we were rained out. another classroom day. third in a row. no wonder everyone was kind of in a bad mood. i know i was. the academic stuff isn't very challenging, and i know i can go in cold and pass the tests. and the physical stuff, while not necessarily challenging, is fun and different and exciting. and most importantly, active. today was also an evaluation day. that was probably kind of bad given that everyone was in a bad mood.

i guess there's not really that much to say. i've got some time to kill and have been catching up on some news, particularly the selection for the world trade center site. i just read fountainhead recently, too, so this is interesting. anyhow, i don't really have anything to say about it, or much in general actually.

oh wait. yesterday, 6:30 am, i get a phone call. freaked out the people i'm boarding with who only expect 6:30 am phone calls when one of their children is in a horrible car accident. but it turns out it's from this guy in my course who we left at a bar the previous night. he was pretty wasted. he was slightly more sober when he called, but he was somehow stranded over in tauranga, his car over by me at the mount, and he needed a ride. that was the excitement for the day.

tomorrow we are doing our night dives. ooh, scary. i'm afraid of the dark and of deep water, so this will be interesting.

and two people in my life, on two different continents, seem to be suffering from a stomach bug, rendering them perpetually bent over a garbage can or similar receptacle, yakking their brains out. interesting. not.

and thus concludes the most boring entry of my life.

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