Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I'm working from home today, thus the blogging.

The Boy, for my birthday, is constructing me a mini-garden - essentially a homemade shelving unit with grow-lights, etc.  The herbs and veggies have all been purchased and are doing their best to survive while their home is being constructed.  It should be done today.  Here are some of the materials taking up space in my home.  

I think it's very lovely that the boy is doing this for my birthday.  Sure, my birthday was a month ago, and in the end, I had to pick my present, but still, very nice.  Of course, we are planning on him moving in with me in September, so also slightly self-serving, but let's try to keep this post upbeat. 

Second, I'm working from home today because I was waiting for the repair person to look at my Asko WCAM combo washer dryer that has been acting funny.  It's been emitting this awful burnt rubber smell, and when I googled it, one guy was like, oh yeah, mine caught on fire.  So I immediately stopped using it, and called the repair person.  He looked in it today and found this in the drying vent: 

I couldn't get the camera to focus on the lint.  But anyways, the lint is charred, and repairdude suspects that there's A LOT more in there.  Also, the circuit board was blown out.  This repair is probably going to cost a lot, as one of the three parts needed alone is $200.  I'd rather repair it than buy a new one, though, cuz this one would probably just go in the dump or something.  Also, I'm probably lucky that nothing caught on fire.  Yeesh. 

That is all.  

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